Welcome to Advocacy Resources for Psychologists

This page is a continually developing resource for psychologists who are or who are considering active involvement in promoting evidence-based change in LGBTQ-related public policy. Although many of these resources could be helpful for all levels of public policy advocacy, we have a focus on state-level education and change. Check out the resources here and please note that more are on their way!

Legislative Basics

Working With Your SPTA

Anti-Bullying Resources

Whats happening in your state?

We invite you to share resources, information, helpful links, and questions about LGBT related policy work in your state. Click here.

The Public Policy Committee of Division 44 makes efforts to support psychologists involvement in LGBTQ-related public policy. Please contact us if you would like to consult about your public policy advocacy.

Melissa Grey, MI (Co-chair), Tim Popanz, (Co-chair)
Dre Brendensen, CA
Peter Economou, NY
Nathan Grant-Smith
Judd Harbin, AR
Katie Katuzny, CA
Judith Kovach, MI
Peter Popejoy, FL
Stacey Prince, WA
Michael Ranney, OH
Jessica Rowe, CA
Peter Theodore, CA
Erica Wise, NC (Ex-officio member)