Committee on Mentoring Student Travel Award

The Division 44 Committee on Mentoring announces its annual Student Travel Award. The purpose of the Committee on Mentoring Student Travel Award is to support graduate student engagement with LGBTQ psychology by defraying travel costs to the 2012 American Psychological Association (APA) Convention in Orlando, FL. Through this award, the Committee on Mentoring also hopes to encourage LGBTQ graduate student participation in the Division 44 annual convention activities (e.g., the Mentoring Roundtable and other programming in the Hospitality Suite, student pizza party, Division social hours).

Graduate students who (a) self-identify as LGBTQ, (b) demonstrate a strong commitment to LGBTQ issues, (c) plan to attend the 2011 APA Convention, and (d) will be enrolled as graduate students at the time of the 2012 APA Convention are eligible to apply for the award. LGBTQ students who are presenting research at the convention are especially encouraged to apply, though all applications will be considered. One student travel award in the amount of $500 will be granted.

2012 winner

Jay N. Ledbetter, MA

2010 winner

Esther Tebbe, BS, University of Florida

2010 winner

Laura M. Alie John F. Kennedy University

Laura M. Alie is a candidate for the PsyD degree at John F. Kennedy Universitys Graduate School of Professional Psychology. In addition to her service roles in her university, community, and the Division, Laura has been involved in providing intensive clinical services to a wide range of individuals and groups. She has also been a teaching assistant for several graduate courses in psychology. Very early on, as a graduate student, Laura became involved with APA and Division 44. She was an APAGS representative and was responsible for a number of students who joined APAGS as a result of her advocacy. As Division 44s Student Representative, she has devoted herself to increasing student access to the Division. She successfully completed a student survey for the Division and handled this endeavor with professionalism and respect during a time of great controversy. In addition to her responsibilities as Student Representative, Laura serves on Division 44s Committee on Transgender and Gender Variance Issues and the Committee on Children, Youth, and Families. She also holds the student position on the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Guidelines Revision Task Force. She wrote the first draft of the LGB youth guideline, tracking each piece of feedback from individuals and groups.

2009 winner

Mike Parent - University of Florida
Mike is a graduate student in Counseling Psychology at the University of Florida. He just completed his master's degree, with his thesis being the development of a short form of the Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory--research has been published in the latest issue of Psychology of Men and Masculinity. This work is an important step in his larger program of research, which looks at gender and sexual orientation, and intersections with mental health stereotypes and health behaviors. Mike is an active researcher, presenting his work on the validity of the measure he developed for his Masters thesis, work on LGB stereotypes, workshops on Ally development, and publishing LGBT research.

Application Procedures

Submission of Application Materials

All materials must be submitted electronically to Committee Co-Chair, Joe Miles by May 1, 2012. Required materials include:

Personal Statement

Please submit a personal statement (500-800 words) that addresses each of the following questions: (a) In what ways does your graduate program benefit from your self-identification and involvement as an LGBTQ person? How does APA benefit from your participation in professional activities as an LGBTQ person? (b) What unique challenges might LGBTQ graduate students face that may hinder participation in APA? (c) How would attending the APA Annual Convention further your career goals? (d) Are you presenting research at the APA Annual Convention? If so, will it contribute to the body of knowledge regarding LGBTQ issues in psychology? If so, please explain such contributions.

Curriculum Vitae

Please submit a curriculum vitae electronically.

Letter of Recommendation

Please have a faculty member electronically submit a letter in support of you receiving the Division 44 Committee on Mentoring Student Travel Award to both Michelle Vaughn and Joe Miles. Faculty members are asked to address the applicants commitment to LGBTQ issues in academic and other domains and confirm that they are a current graduate student in psychology.

Application Form (PDF)

Inquiries about the award may be directed to the Committee Co-Chairs Michelle Vaughan or Joe Miles

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